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Robot Vacuum Cleaners

The intelligent 4 in 1 robot vacuum cleaner who is about to make your life easier!

How many times have you put off, or thought about putting off, the house work because you just couldn’t find the time or the energy after dealing with everything else in your busy life? Let me introduce you to Bobsweep: He is the 4 in 1 cleaner who is about to make your life easier! This Intelligent robot will:



Automatic vacuuming robot that can be controlled by you!

Bobsweep is programmable to fit your schedule. You just tell him the days and the times you want him to clean. You can for example set him to work when you are leaving home, and he will have it clean by the time you get back.



Unique gift for your loved ones!


Everyone would appreciate some extra worry-free time to do important things, like spend time with family, exercise, or plan a night out. Bobsweep is not just another thing that's going to take your time and space. Bobsweep is the gift of time and space!



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