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Order Bobsweep's Parts and Accessories

Bobsweep's parts and accessories are available for you to maintain Bobsweep and keep it work at its best.


Mop Cloth

Order extra mop cloths for Bobsweep. There are 5 cloths in each pack.

Price (pack of 5 mop cloths) : $10.99


Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery

Get a new battery for your Bobsweep when it needs a new one. For replacement instructions please refer to your Owner's Manual.

Price: $65.99

Power Adapter

Need an extra adapter for Bobsweep or need a new one? Order it online. Bobsweep's adapter works with 120V AC current and is UL certified.

Price: $24.99

Main Brush (Pack of Two)

Does your Bobsweep needs a new brush to perfectly sweep those floors? Order it today.

Price: $24.99

Filter Replacement Pack

Each pack includes a pre-filter, one electrostatic filter, and one HEPA filter.

Price: $24.99

Side Brush

Order your new pack of side brushes today. Each package includes two side brushes.

Price: $13.99