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Frequently asked questions about Bobsweep

FAQs about Bob



Why is Bobsweep right for me?


  1. Bobsweep is unique to the market of vacuum robots; it’s a great appliance not just a fancy toy for grownups that won’t get the job done.
  2. Bobsweep is a 4 in 1 cleaner: he sweeps, vacuums, mops and buffs! Many robots will sweep and vacuum, but in order to mop you would have to buy a whole other machine.
  3. This intelligent vacuum robot is completely autonomous and is programmable to revolve around your schedule!
  4. As apposed to other vacuum cleaning robots that might use harmful chemicals to clean the floor where your children and pets play, Bobsweep comes fully equipped with its bacteria killing and disinfecting UV light that will eliminate harmful bacteria as it cleans… without the use of any chemicals!
  5. Bobsweep’s bag-less dustbin holds 1 liter of dust, dander, pet hair, etc. The leading competitors on the market only usually hold around 0.3 liters!
  6. The pro-pet, allergy-fighting HPEA filter feature of Bobsweep is designed to get rid of microscopic germs and harmful allergens like dust mites and pollen… Say goodbye to allergies!
  7. Remote control feature: Not only is Bobsweep totally independent—he knows when to spot clean and will even travel home to recharge himself—but he is also obedient. With the push of a button you can switch him on/off, change his speed, and select his cleaning mode and even turn on/off his UV lamp.




Can Bobsweep be used on deep carpets and hard floors?

Yes! Bobsweep can be used on all floor types, from hardwood to tile, to carpet to linoleum.



Will Bobsweep clean differently depending on the surface he is on?

Bobsweep knows to switch to different modes of cleaning depending on the floor type he is on. For example, when he is on carpet, he moves a bit slower and use more power to really lift up everything from the carpet fibers.



How does Bobsweep know his is on carpet versus a tile floor?

Bobsweep has sensors surrounding his body and an intelligent design, that allows him to detect what type of surface he is on.



What will Bobsweep do if there is a tough to clean spot on the floor?

Bobsweep is designed with an advanced "Spot Clean" mode where this automatic cleaner will detect the tough to clean spot and target it. Switching into Spot Clean Mode, Bobsweep will proceed over the dirty area in a zig-zag pattern and thoroughly remove it.



How does Bobsweep know not to run into walls and furniture?

Bobsweep comes built with infrared sensors and an intelligent self-navigation system, which allows him to know his surrounding area, avoid furniture and walls.



Will Bobsweep fall down the stairs?


No! Bobsweep comes fully equipped with edge detection sensors, so when he encounters stairs he will go the other direction or adjust and clean along them.



How does Bobsweep clean in corners or at the edge of furniture?


Along with the Bobsweep’s main belly brush, he also has side brushes/tassels that allows him to clean hard-to-reach areas. No more bending over and reaching for dust bunnies!



What type of Brushes and Bristles does Bobsweep have?

Bobsweep has his main Belly Brush—which is 2 times the size of most competing automatic vacuum robots—and he also comes equipped with side bristles which clean the hard to reach places.




How often should I clean Bobsweep’s brushes?

It’s best to clean Bobsweep’s brushes about every 5 cleaning cycles to make sure he is working to he best of his ability; but this depends on the size of the area and the amount of dirt in it.



How do children and pets like Bobsweep?

Bobsweep is very gentle and won’t run into your loved ones. And apposed to the typical fearful relationship with the traditional vacuum cleaners, your pets will love Bobsweep. Your cats will playfully stalk him as he roams and your dogs will be fascinated with him. With Bob's RoHS certification, you can rest assured that no harmful substances are used in his material.


What is the difference between a HPEA filter and other filters?

The HPEA filter removes dust and dander like no ordinary vacuum filter. It is designed to get rid of microscopic germs and harmful allergens like dust mites and pollen, making your home allergy free and pet friendly!



We have several animals and a lot of pet hair will Bobsweep be able to clean it all?

With an extra large collecting bin, pet hair will not be a challenge for Bobsweep. And with his advanced HPEA filtration system, you will instantly notice less allergens and allergy related symptoms.




Will Bobsweep help prevent allergies?

Bobsweep’s advanced HPEA filters make this robot vacuum one of the best on the market for keeping allergens at bay and significantly diminishing allergy symptoms.




How much can it clean/hold?

Bobsweep holds up to 1 liter of dirt, debris, pet hair, etc… More than 3 times as much as most other robot vacuums.




How often should I empty Bobsweep’s bin?

Of course this depends on the size of the area and amount of debris and pet hair your automatic vacuum cleaner has to cover. You will be the best judge of the frequency after a couple of times you empty the dustbin: just observe how full the bin is and how much Bob has taken to accumulate all that dust.




How long does Bob take to clean a room?

An average sized room takes about 10-15 minutes, and a studio apartment about 25-30 minutes.




How much energy does Bobsweep use compared to other vacuums?

Bobsweep is very energy and environmentally conscious, and uses much less energy than the traditional vacuum and does 3 times the work.




Is Bobsweep loud like other vacuum cleaners?

We won’t say Bobsweep doesn’t make noise; but we will say it produces a whole lot less noise than most other robot vacuums. The amount of sound produced is on par with the average home air humidifier. So feel free to let the Bobsweep clean while you take a luxurious nap!
20. Is Bobsweep environmentally friendly?
a. Bobsweep is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certified to ensure maximum customer safety and minimum impact on the environment.  directive certification ensures that a product -such as Bobsweep, is free from the following six hazardous substances:
i. Lead (Pb)
ii. Mercury (Hg)
iii. Cadmium (Cd)
iv. Hexavalent chromium (Cr6+)
v. Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB)*
vi. Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE)*



How do I get the most out of Bobsweep’s battery?

The best way to keep Bobsweep sweeping is to:

  1. Frequently use your robot… he wants to work for you
  2. Keep your battery charged, dry and out of humid places
  3. Keep the brushes and filters clean!


This allows Bobsweep to use less battery power with each cleaning cycle; so if you have multiple pets that shed lots of hair clean those brushes after each couple of use.



How long should Bobsweep charge before cleaning?

  • Before his initial use, Bobsweep needs to have 1 full night (or 16 hours) of charging. After that, a three hour charging time will fill its battery.
  • When Bobsweep is charging, his battery sign will flash, and when it stops blinking he is fully charged.



If Bobsweep finishes cleaning, but no one is home, what will he do?


With Bobsweep’s intelligent design and navigation system, he will automatically return to his charge-up station once he is done cleaning and knows to begin recharging himself.



How does Bobsweep know when to recharge himself?


Once Bobsweep reaches 15% or less battery power he will automatically start heading back to his home and begin his recharge.



How long will Bobsweep clean for?

With a healthy battery, Bobsweep will clean not less than 50 minutes and can clean up to 100 minutes.




What happens if the battery dies?


Bobsweep’s battery will work great for hundreds of cycles of cleaning; but if the days comes you want to replace it, all you have to do is order a new battery! In most robot vacuums, when the battery dies the entire machine needs to be completely replaced; but not with Bobsweep. Just give him a new battery and Bobsweep will keep working great!



Can I program Bobsweep to clean at certain times?

Yes. Bobsweep works for you! You can set him to clean at any time, day and frequency that is most convenient for you, and when he is done cleaning he will even make his way home to recharge for the next scheduled time.



Do I have to use cleaning liquid on the floors when Bobsweep is mopping?

You definitely can use a cleaning substance if you like to, but it’s not necessary with Bobsweep. In fact, this Intelligent vaccum comes equipped with a UV light on his belly, and disinfects and kills bacteria as he moves along.



Is the UV light harmful?

Bobsweep’s bacteria disinfecting UV light is perfectly safe. As long as you don’t turn him over and look directly into the light—in the same way you don’t want to look directly into the sun—the light is safe, and will actually keep your house clean and bacteria-free without any harmful chemicals.



Why should I register my Bobsweep, is it important?

Yes it is very important! You must register your Bobsweep to receive the benefits of the warranty.


How long do I have to register to get the warranty?

You must register your Bobsweep within 2 weeks of purchase.



Why is it important to keep Bobsweep’s identification card and original receipt of purchas?


After you register your Bobsweep, we will send you his ID card. In the future, if you need to contact us about your intelligent cleaner for any general or warranty-related purpose, you must produce proof of purchase and your Bobsweep’s ID card so we can easily identify him and serve you to the best of our ability.



How long does the warranty last on Bobsweep?


Unless otherwise specified, Bobsweep is under warranty for 1 full year, except the battery, for which the warranty is 6 months. You also have full access to our support team and our after-sales services for 7 years.



What does the warranty include?

All Bobsweep products, used anywhere in the world, and purchased from an authorized seller, include a minimum one (1) year warranty on parts and labor. In case of batteries, the warranty is 6 months. 
The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.




Does the warranty cover drops, water damage or other accidental or intentional damage?


No, but we will nevertheless replace/repair your product during the warranty period; however you will be charged a replacement/repair fee which will be partly subsidized at our discretion based on the reason/nature of the damage.

The charges will never exceed 60% of your original purchasing price and might be much lower if the damage is not severe.



If I accidentally drop my Bobsweep will it break?

Bobsweep is built sturdy and can fall from up to 20cm without breaking (depending on the surface it lands on); but it certainly isn't designed to be dropped!




What is the expected product life of Bobsweep?

Have no worries that Bobsweep will become a long-lasting member of your family. In many vacuum robots, if a major part breaks or sometimes even if the battery dies the entire machine needs to be replaced. With Bobsweep’s intelligent design and manufacturing it is as simple as replacing the needed part and NOT the whole machine! If you keep Bobsweep clean and well maintained, he can last long into the decade.




Is it easy to get replacement parts?

Yes! You can order them from us, and replace them as easy as 1,2,3!




What Bobsweep’s voltage input?

Bobsweep has CE and UL certifications. In North America its adapter works with the regular electricity input voltage of 120V. If you need Bobsweep for other

parts of the world we can provide you the machine with specific voltage requirements of your region. Contact us for more information.





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