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Tassels & Fringes: The Robotic Chimney’s Sweep!

Traditional vacuums, and even most automated robot vacuum cleaners have a limit to where they can reach. Then you have to put the extra effort into reaching under the table to get the remaining dust bunnies left behind, which, let’s face it, none of us have the time or energy to do.

This is where Bob-sweeps in (pun intended), to save your back form bending over to clean again. This machine comes fully equipped with not only an extra large main brush, but also a side brush to reach the unreachable dust at the corners.

There is no more need to reach under the couch and T.V. stand, or wonder what could possibly be lingering under your bed while you're laying over it. Bobsweep will sweep away those worries for you. Please keep in mind however that this doesn't mean Bobsweep can reach every single spot on your floors. There is, after all, a limit to everything!




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