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Autonomy, Autonomy, Autonomy: Programming and Charge-Up

The independence of Bobsweep robot vacuum cleaner really shows in its automatic programming and charge-up features. Once you bring Bobsweep home, you can program it to clean at your desired schedule. Whether 3 times a week or everyday, you just pick the time and the days and Bobsweep will take care of the rest--no traditional vacuum cleaner out there that can do this for you!

Even better, after Bobsweep finishes cleaning at his regularly scheduled time, he will make his way back to his home charger all on his own and begins re-charging for next time. Try not to pick Bobsweep up while he is working or he might become slightly disoriented and not find his way back to his charger as quickly; and if you want to charge him manually just turn him off before picking him up. You can manually charge Bobsweep by plugging the adapter directly into his side inlet, or you can take him to his home charger and place him on it. If that's the case, make sure that he is securely connected to the charging apparatus when you do so. If you want Bobsweep to find his charge-up station automatically, please give him time to do so at his own slow pace. If you are around and want Bob to get back home immediately and without searching, simply guide him with his remote or put him to charge manually.  


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