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The Room: Big or Small the Job is Done

With an efficient rechargable Lithium-ion battery, Bobsweep robot vacuum is able to clean no less than one hour and up to 90 minutes at a full charge. This is while many robot vacuum cleaners can only last 20 minutes.

The battery in most robot vacuums is either NiCd or NiMH. These use material like Nickel and Cadmium  which are considered hazardous to human health and also the environment. Bobsweep is RoHS-certified and its Li-ion battery uses the same technology as your cell-phone or laptop's battery. Having a long life cycle, Bobsweep cleans hundreds of times before needing a new battery, and that is all you will need to do—change the battery. It is easily replaced. If there is any problem with your battery within the first six months, we will replace it for you for free.



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