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Size Matters!

You'll see why in a minute...

Bobsweep itself comes in a compact size; it fits under most standard furniture. At the same time, he is able to rise up to 2cm in order to transition onto different floor surfaces and get out of sticky situations. This robot vacuum cleaner has two wheels that are height-adjustable and equipped with shock absorbers under his belly and a fully rotating front wheel. Bobsweep uses the extra-thrust ability of his back wheels to power himself over the precarious cords while the front wheel rotates and wiggles free, reducing the chance of entanglement. Of course, the deeper the pile of cords, the more difficult this task will be. So help Bobsweep help you, and make sure his path is as clear as it can be.

Yet, Bobsweep has super-sized brush and dustbin; the dust and pet-hair trapping ability of Bobsweep vacuum cleaning robot surpasses almost every other robot sweeper on the market. Bobsweep’s main belly brush is almost 2 times the size of most other robot vacuums' brushes, and his dust and dander compartment holds up to 1 liter whereas most competitors only hold around 0.3 liters. This means you don’t have to worry about emptying the compartment after every clean like you would with some vacuum cleaning robots.



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