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What comes in Bobsweep's Box



Bobsweep, the Intelligent Floor Cleaner

* Elegant and efficient; you will never be happier doing the housework than when Bobsweep works for you!

H.E.P.A Filters (x 2)

*Removes dust and dander like no ordinary vacuum cleaner's filter. Bobsweep’s HEPA filters are designed to get rid of microscopic germs and harmful allergens like dust mites and pollen… Say goodbye to allergies!

Remote Control

*If you prefer to stay in charge, Bobsweep’s movements can be completely controlled using his remote control. Try it, it's fun!
*You can switch Bobsweep on/off, change his speed, and select his cleaning mode and even turn on/off his UV lamp in a press of a button.

Side Brushes (x 2)

* Allows Bobsweep to reach more places than ever before. No more dust bunnies under the couch and no more corners un-swept.

Micro-fiber Mopping Cloths (x 2)

*Just before you decide to mop, attach the Micro-fiber Mop and your floors will be cleaned in no time.

Mopping Extension Attachment Tool

*For easier and more efficient mopping

Bumper Adhesives

*With Bobsweep’s infrared sensors and the bumper adhesives you can really rest assured that your furniture is protected.

Brush Cleaning Tool

*Bobsweep is easy to clean and we provide the tools… to remove and clean the main belly brush, just hold it in the middle and slowly move it towards the little hole that can be seen on its end. Every once in a while use the cleaning tool to get all the stuff off the brush and make it work like new!

Registration Card

*Register your new robotic cleaner online within two weeks of purchasing it! Registration is important for warranties an after-sale-service, so don’t forget to do it!

Power Adapter

*Before your initial use of Bobsweep, make sure he gets one full night (or 16 hours) to really charge up.

Manufacturer Warranty Card

*Make sure to keep this card in a safe place so you can refer to it if needed down the road.

User Manual

*If you have any questions about Bobsweep you can refer to the manual, and if you would like further help feel free to contact us directly.




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