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Tips for better maintenance of your vacuum cleaner, Bobsweep

10 Tips for a better maintenance



01 Faster cleaning is always better!


For faster cleaning, make sure to clear the floors of clutter and cords so Bobsweep can thoroughly vacuum the entire area every time. Your should prepare the floor just like you would do before manually vacuuming and mopping. When you clear the floor, Bob cleans more efficiently and uses less energy thus preserving his battery to clean a larger area.



02 Keeping Bobsweep's Brushes Clean



Removing the hair and debris from brushes every few cleaning cycles will ensure that Bobsweep keeps picking up dust and particles to the best of his ability.
To clean the brushes, take off Bobsweep’s easy-to-remove-brushes gently and get rid of the lingering hair and debris to ensure optimal cleaning performance. The cleaning tool is already included in Bob's packaging.


03 Taking out the Trash


Emptying Bobsweep's Debris Bin every few cleaning cycles will keep your Robot vacuum cleaner happy and lets him clean your floors and carpets perfectly! Depending on the amount of hair, dirt, and debris in your environment and the size of your rooms you can adjust this frequency.


04 Initial Battery Charging


Prior to Bobsweep’s initial use, his battery should be charged overnight or for 16 hours to be fully prepared for a good job. 
Bob's battery can last for hundreds of cleaning cycles before you need to replace it. You can simply replace the battery when the time comes instead of having to buy a whole new machine!


05 Letting Bobsweep Relax


When Bobsweep is not sweeping for you let him hang out by the power outlet and charge up, that way he is ready for next time!


06 When Charging


Do not interrupt Bobsweep’s charging when he is relaxing for best results and battery preservation 
When the battery sign stops blinking, it means he is fully charged and ready to work!


07 Let The Bobsweep Work for You


Give him regular work. Ignoring Bobsweep for long periods of time won’t benefit you or him; let him sweep for you frequently and everyone wins.


08 No Fluff Necessary


Bob doesn’t need a pillow to rest on--he prefers flat and smooth surfaces that are cool and dry.


09 Humidity No No

Bobsweep is not a fan of high humidity; keep him cool and dry and he will keep working hard for you every day.


10 Vacation without Bobsweep

If you are going on a long vacation and not taking Bob with you, first fully charge up his batteries, then remove the battery and store in a cool, dry place. When you return he will be ready and waiting to be at your service again.




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