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Bobsweep robot vacuum cleaner, features

Let Bobweep make your life easier!



In less than an hour you can have your floors clean... all you need to do is (well, buying Bobsweep, but after it's in your home) picking up Bob's remote control and pressing the "start" button. You will never have to, or for that matter want to, touch a vacuum cleaner, mop, carpet sweeper, or anything else that comes out of your utility closet!


Bob gives you total freedom


Following the usual cleaning schedule that you set for him, Bobsweep will automatically clean all your floors everyday or any day you want him to. Whether you want him to clean before you get home from work, while you're running errands, playing with your kids, talking to friends, or even watching TV, Bobsweep will do his job and do it well. Bobsweep is even quiet enough for you to take a relaxing, long-needed, nap while he is shinning your floors. Not only will he leave his dock when it's time for his pre-scheduled clean, but he will return back to his charging port all on his own when he has finished his work for the day.

Even if you require him to clean a larger area there is no need to worry! If Bobsweep is taking on a large cleaning task and he begins to feel his energy dropping below 15% after an hour or hour and a half of cleaning, this intelligent floor cleaner knows to return himself to his home-base and recharge enough to go out and finish the job. He will even remember where he left off and pick right back up from there--never missing a spot. If only he could pick himself up and empty his own dustbin would Bobsweep be more independent (don't worry we are working on that feature next)!


Helps you defeat your allergies


If you are suffering from pet allergies, dust allergies or asthma, we have good news for you: Bobsweep is your new best friend as an allergy victim! As Bob goes around your house, he is doing more than just cleaning the floors; he is actually gathering ALL of the dust he finds on his way, not just stirring it back up into the air. Bobsweep has three layers of filters in its dustbin, which make his anti-allergy design very effective. When Bob takes the dust into his dustbin, these filters prevent the allergens and the small particles from escaping back into the air.

Dust mites, pollens, and other fine particles that make you sneeze day-in and day-out lay amongst your floors and in your carpets; and traditional vacuum cleaners will pick up the bigger and visible particles, but smaller particles easily escaping the dust bag are simply thrown into the air. Many vacuums, in fact, tend to increase allergy symptoms because they circulate these once settled dust, dander, and debris particles back into your breathing space. That is why the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology lists vacuuming among the household chores that can trigger asthma symptoms and insists on using vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters since "Vacuums with HEPA filters can trap a large amount of very small particles that other vacuum cleaners cannot."  So if you suffer from allergies like so many of us here at Bobsweep did, let him and his HEPA filter clean your room and around your house every day. He will make a big difference not only in the cleanliness of your floors but he will also decrease the amount of germs and allergens you breathe.


Cautious, smart, and sensitive... and doesn't need to stop for directions


Bob is equipped with a built-in self navigation system which allows him to work without hurting himself or damaging your furniture. Bobsweep has sensors integrated all around his main frame that allow him to do his job so well. Along with always knowing where he is, where he's going, and what type of surface he is on, Bobsweep's sensors also ensure he does not run into walls, furniture, or unsuspecting children! Bobsweep is curious and wants to know his environment well so that he doesn't hurt himself of that cherry-wood table your grandmother gave you. Just for precaution sake, we also supply him with rubber-like bumper adhesives that are easily attachable for some extra peace of mind. When Bobsweep comes across pets playing or children playing he will avoid that area and return to clean it later, once your cat has woken up from her mid-day nap.

This self-navigation system ensures he never has to ask for directions. He always knows where he is, where he is going, and, if needed, where to come back to later. Along with his intelligent navigation ability, Bobsweep has edge detection sensors. When he is approaching stairs--whether 1 or a whole flight--he immediately knows to change directions and/or adjust to clean alongside the edge, not over it. Bob is smart, sensitive, cleans for you, and actually knows where he is going with out directions; if he had a sense of humor he might just make the perfect ma... maybe we should stick to talking about vacuum cleaners.


Finds his way around your place


Bob is equipped with a built-in advanced navigation system which allows him to find his way around and prevents him from bumping into your furniture. Bob's smart navigation system also brings him back to his charge-up station when he runs out of battery. This means that you don't even need to worry about plugging him in.


Easy to maintain


Bobsweep is a low-maintenance addition to the broom closet. With a larger dustbin than almost any automatic vacuum cleaner in the market, Bobsweep's bin only needs to be emptied once in a while.  His dustbin is more than 3 times larger than the standard size, holding up to 1 full liter as compared to the usual 0.3-liter bin. This means that, depending on how dirty the area being cleaned is, Bobsweep's bin won't need emptying until approximately 5 cleaning cycles have been run.

All Bob's brushes are easy to remove and clean. Doing this small step will also assist him in making certain he gets the best clean for you floors and preserve his battery life. With Bob's scheduling ability and autonomous charging feature, you don't have to send him off to clean or even plug him in to charge. When he finishes with his routinely scheduled cleaning, he will walk himself back to his charger to prepare for his next venture. Which other home appliance does so much for you while requiring so little effort and attention? Sorry mop, you have been fired!


Long-lasting Battery



With a long-lasting and rechargeable battery, Bobsweep can clean between 50 to 80 minutes in one setting; whereas many vacuum cleaning robots in practice can only work 20 minutes before they go out of charge. The amount of time he cleans can vary based on the dirtiness of the area and what type of surface he has to focus on cleaning. Even if the job is too big for one battery cycle, Bobsweep will simply take himself back home to recharge for a bit then return to where he left off and finish the job. You can rest assured that Bobsweep was built to clean more space for a longer period of time than most other robotic vacuums out there today.

In addition to that, Bobsweep will clean hundreds of times before needing a new battery. If and when the day comes when your old friend needs a new battery, all you need to do is change it out. Opposed to many robotic floor cleaner designs are finished for good when the battery dies, Bobsweep was manufactured to live on into old age. The battery is easy to replace and now there is no need to buy a new machine.


3 Layers of Anti-Allergy Filters



Bobsweep has a different design than that of most vacuum cleaners which makes him efficient in eliminating pet dander and preventing allergens from escaping his dustbin. Here is how Bob manages to keep the particles inside his bin: Bob's container is equipped with a HEPA filter that traps the particles as they enter the container; the air sucked in through Bob's belly doesn't pass through its container to get out; it passes through a separate conduit. This process is the most effective and efficient at eliminating allergens from the air, thus lessening allergy symptoms.

It turns out that most traditional vacuum cleaners actually increase allergy symptoms because they only stir up the dirt, dust-mites, and dander rather than vacuuming them up. Finally, allergy sufferers have an answer, and dog lovers can enjoy a truly clean house! Be sure to use Bobsweep every day if you have allergy symptoms, and you too will notice a real difference in your home.


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