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Long-lasting Battery



With a long-lasting and rechargeable battery, Bobsweep can clean between 50 to 80 minutes in one setting; whereas many vacuum cleaning robots in practice can only work 20 minutes before they go out of charge. The amount of time he cleans can vary based on the dirtiness of the area and what type of surface he has to focus on cleaning. Even if the job is too big for one battery cycle, Bobsweep will simply take himself back home to recharge for a bit then return to where he left off and finish the job. You can rest assured that Bobsweep was built to clean more space for a longer period of time than most other robotic vacuums out there today.

In addition to that, Bobsweep will clean hundreds of times before needing a new battery. If and when the day comes when your old friend needs a new battery, all you need to do is change it out. Opposed to many robotic floor cleaner designs are finished for good when the battery dies, Bobsweep was manufactured to live on into old age. The battery is easy to replace and now there is no need to buy a new machine.



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