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3 Layers of Anti-Allergy Filters



Bobsweep has a different design than that of most vacuum cleaners which makes him efficient in eliminating pet dander and preventing allergens from escaping his dustbin. Here is how Bob manages to keep the particles inside his bin: Bob's container is equipped with a HEPA filter that traps the particles as they enter the container; the air sucked in through Bob's belly doesn't pass through its container to get out; it passes through a separate conduit. This process is the most effective and efficient at eliminating allergens from the air, thus lessening allergy symptoms.

It turns out that most traditional vacuum cleaners actually increase allergy symptoms because they only stir up the dirt, dust-mites, and dander rather than vacuuming them up. Finally, allergy sufferers have an answer, and dog lovers can enjoy a truly clean house! Be sure to use Bobsweep every day if you have allergy symptoms, and you too will notice a real difference in your home.



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