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Bob gives you total freedom


Following the usual cleaning schedule that you set for him, Bobsweep will automatically clean all your floors everyday or any day you want him to. Whether you want him to clean before you get home from work, while you're running errands, playing with your kids, talking to friends, or even watching TV, Bobsweep will do his job and do it well. Bobsweep is even quiet enough for you to take a relaxing, long-needed, nap while he is shinning your floors. Not only will he leave his dock when it's time for his pre-scheduled clean, but he will return back to his charging port all on his own when he has finished his work for the day.

Even if you require him to clean a larger area there is no need to worry! If Bobsweep is taking on a large cleaning task and he begins to feel his energy dropping below 15% after an hour or hour and a half of cleaning, this intelligent floor cleaner knows to return himself to his home-base and recharge enough to go out and finish the job. He will even remember where he left off and pick right back up from there--never missing a spot. If only he could pick himself up and empty his own dustbin would Bobsweep be more independent (don't worry we are working on that feature next)!



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