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Cautious, smart, and sensitive... and doesn't need to stop for directions


Bob is equipped with a built-in self navigation system which allows him to work without hurting himself or damaging your furniture. Bobsweep has sensors integrated all around his main frame that allow him to do his job so well. Along with always knowing where he is, where he's going, and what type of surface he is on, Bobsweep's sensors also ensure he does not run into walls, furniture, or unsuspecting children! Bobsweep is curious and wants to know his environment well so that he doesn't hurt himself of that cherry-wood table your grandmother gave you. Just for precaution sake, we also supply him with rubber-like bumper adhesives that are easily attachable for some extra peace of mind. When Bobsweep comes across pets playing or children playing he will avoid that area and return to clean it later, once your cat has woken up from her mid-day nap.

This self-navigation system ensures he never has to ask for directions. He always knows where he is, where he is going, and, if needed, where to come back to later. Along with his intelligent navigation ability, Bobsweep has edge detection sensors. When he is approaching stairs--whether 1 or a whole flight--he immediately knows to change directions and/or adjust to clean alongside the edge, not over it. Bob is smart, sensitive, cleans for you, and actually knows where he is going with out directions; if he had a sense of humor he might just make the perfect ma... maybe we should stick to talking about vacuum cleaners.



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