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Easy to maintain


Bobsweep is a low-maintenance addition to the broom closet. With a larger dustbin than almost any automatic vacuum cleaner in the market, Bobsweep's bin only needs to be emptied once in a while.  His dustbin is more than 3 times larger than the standard size, holding up to 1 full liter as compared to the usual 0.3-liter bin. This means that, depending on how dirty the area being cleaned is, Bobsweep's bin won't need emptying until approximately 5 cleaning cycles have been run.

All Bob's brushes are easy to remove and clean. Doing this small step will also assist him in making certain he gets the best clean for you floors and preserve his battery life. With Bob's scheduling ability and autonomous charging feature, you don't have to send him off to clean or even plug him in to charge. When he finishes with his routinely scheduled cleaning, he will walk himself back to his charger to prepare for his next venture. Which other home appliance does so much for you while requiring so little effort and attention? Sorry mop, you have been fired!



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